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While entering the 21st century, fish farming industry, in that Eastern part of the Mediterranean, has been through remarkable changes and at the same time is being expanded steadily.

Severe investments have taken place and commercial operations have been extensively used in order to innovate and encourage technological changes.

Unique semi submersible service platforms for aquaculture purposes have been designed and installed, facilitating good husbanding practices and automatic feeding system.

Particular diversification has been accomplished with the acquisition and modernization of several strategically positioned fishshop boutiques and offshore fishing trawlers licensed to operate in Cyprus and international waters.

At the current being, there is the ability for a full range of wild caught and farmed fish products to be offered to clients overseas as well as consultancy services and unrivalled professionalism in the industry. Particularly, the long expertise and the very good weather conditions make Cyprus one of the most efficient sea bream and sea bass producer in the region

The industry’s priorities are to make its fish farming operations a training ground for prospective fish farmers; to spread the accumulated skills and technology to other areas (especially the nearby Middle Eastern countries of north Africa and the Arabian Gulf) and to develop overseas business opportunity through technology transfer, joint venture and investment.