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Cyprus meat products - Lountza Hiromeri PosirtiCyprus has to offer a wide variety of meat products that follow authentic and traditional methods of preparation, under the highest standards, the most sanitary conditions, giving the best quality and taste.

Their production usually is a complicated procedure taking several months, especially when they are traditionally smoked, matured in red dry village wine, using freshly grounded herbs and spices.

Cyprus meat products - Traditional sausagesIn the island several state of the art manufacturing units can be found, using the latest technology, under strict conditions for food hygiene and safety. The continuous quality control, modernisation and automatisation of production and packing procedures ensure the top quality of the products.


Some of the island’s most traditional meat delicacies are:

  • The Cyprus Traditional Sausages (fresh pork meat, wine, salt and spices)
  • Lountza (smoked pork loin fillet)
  • Hiromeri (smoked pork leg matured in wine)
  • Posirti (pork ribs)
  • Pastourmas (beef sausages)

Other meat products include Ham, Salami, Mortadella, etc.