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Cyprus fresh fruit - WatermelonsNative to tropical Africa, watermelons are now widely grown throughout the world’s warm-temperature and subtropical regions. Their thirst-quenching qualities have meant that large volumes are produced in Cyprus for local consumption. However, the recent development of new international hybrids, some of which are seedless, has resulted in increased demand on export markets.


Cyprus fresh fruit - MelonsCyprus is also now growing larger quantities of muskmelons, concentrating production on the newer dessert varieties with a higher sugar content. Traditionally watermelons were grown in the open, but in order to expand the season, both muskmelons and watermelons are now produced under plastic tunnels and in semi permanent structures.

Main Varieties

Melons - Anana type: Polidor, Eden, Sweet Supreme, Sweet Ananas
Melons - Galia type: Galia, Alma, Avava, Dikti, Makdimon
Watermelons: Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby, Crisby, Dumara, Paladin

Seasonal Availability

Melons: April to September

Cyprus fresh fruit - Melons & Watermelons availability