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Cyprus potatoesPotatoes from Cyprus are renowned for their great flavour and firm texture. They are easily distinguishable by the reddish colour of their skins, derived from the fertile red soil they are grown mainly in around Kokinohoria (red soil villages), on the Eastern region of Cyprus.

The virtually frost-free environment and the deep soil, amply supplied with water, creates ideal conditions for thousands of specialist producers. The varieties grown are extremely versatile and can be used by the consumer in a multitude of ways. They are also sold to chip and crisp manufacturers.

Main Varieties

Spunta, Marfona, Cara, Nicola, Sieglinde, Diamant, Timate, Accent, Liseta, Charlotte, Ditta, Filea, Obelix, Superstar, Burren, Slaney

Seasonal Availability

Potatoes: October to July

Cyprus potatoes availability