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Cyprus pharmaceutical productsFor the last two decades, the pharmaceutical sector in Cyprus has developed an important role in bringing enhanced healthcare to people around the world, through continuous improvement, greater customer satisfaction and constant change.

Cypriot companies are dedicated to the development, production and sale of high quality generic pharmaceutical products. These fall into a wide range of therapeutic categories such as antibiotics, analgesics, cardiovascular drugs, diuretics, antihistamines, antidiabetics, hormones and synthetic substitutes,

vitamins, cough medicines and expectorants and more, in oral (solid and liquid), parenteral, topical and rectal presentations.

The sales network of exports from Cyprus, in many occasions may extend to up to 70 countries.

This sector is committed to the continuous development and expansion of the product range through innovation, continuous quality control, training and computerisation. The considerable investment in building, machinery, technology and people that has been a major contributing factor to the so far success, will continue to form the main part of the future development.