Cyprus’ famous Halloumi cheese– made from a blend of goat, sheep and cow’s milk – is perhaps the most internationally renowned of the island’s exports. Distributed to upmarket supermarket chains worldwide, it has unsurprisingly become a runaway success and recently became the second largest export for Cyprus. The name ‘Halloumi’ is now registered in the European Union as a Community Collective Trade Mark, meaning that no other product can be marketed within EU borders under this name. It is also registered as a Certification Trade Mark in the UK, US and Jordan, and will soon be registered in other Middle Eastern countries too. The renowned cheese will also be registered as an EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which is set to further boost the product and its brand appeal, as well as increase dairy production to meet increasing demand.

To view the main exporters of dairy products, please look at the list provided by the Ministry of energy, Commerce and Industry.